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The AcouStick II

The Legend of the AcouStick

Once upon a time Bob Culbertson, a legendary Stick artist (check out his links), wanted to play an acoustic Stick. He had a luthier create an acoustic guitar-like body to his specifications, and Emmett created a Stick neck for the instrument. They dubbed the instrument the AcouStick.

I heard Bob play this instrument at one of the annual Stick nights held in Los Angeles (usually in January concurrent with the NAMM show), and very much enjoyed its sound. But neither Bob nor Emmett was completely satisfied with the instrument. For one thing, the sound was not balanced. On a normal Stick the pole pieces of the pickup are adjusted so they make the heavy bass strings softer and the highest strings louder. The acoustic body was not able to do this to as great a degree.

Some months ago Bob and Emmett and an innovative classical guitar builder decided to collaborate on a new instrument that would realize all that had been envisioned for the original AcouStick, and they began work on the AcouStick II.